At Therapydia Tampa, highly trained dance medicine specialists provide a physical screening that allows for static and dynamic movement testing of the dancer and performance artist while determining functional deficits that may expose the dancer’s risk to injury. The physical therapist observes your dance technique, evaluates your strength and flexibility, and reviews your medical and nutritional history. At the end of the assessment, the dancer receives baseline measurements, an individually tailored exercise regimen which may include recommendations for cross training, technique modification, training strategies, and footwear that can reduce the risk of injury.

Rehabilitative, Restorative and Refinement

A plan of care is developed and the dancer is categorized into one of three stages of wellness: Rehabilitative, Restorative and Refinement. This categorization will allow for a individualized design of physical therapy and/or wellness programs that the dancer will benefit from to achieve their desired goals. This treatment and consultation is an open discussion into any dancers’ concerns. We can assist the dancer in recommendations for training modifications including cross training conditioning, technique and footwear assessment. This guidance leads to dance performance longevity, decreasing the risk of injury.

Therapydia Tampa dance medicine specialists use their experience managing dance-related injuries to educate dancers about how to avoid injury and stay healthy by providing physical therapy and dance wellness based services that focus on assessing the dancer’s risk of injury. This assessment review allows for the design of treatment programs to eliminate current dysfunction and reduce the risk of future injury.

Dancer Injury Prevention

Therapydia Tampa’s injury prevention program has proven results to improve dancer function and prowess and is progressively measured and tracked through individual goal setting and plan of care. The dance medicine specialist helps to extend a dancer’s confidence and ability to accomplish their greatest personal and professional goals. Open communication, given dancer an/or parent consent, is also provided to dance staff members including teachers and choreographers to allow for injury prevention education and training in the studio and beyond.

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