first visit physical therapy tampa

So you’re coming in for your first visit with a physical therapist—or maybe you’ve been to a PT clinic before but never Therapydia. What should you expect?

Before you do anything, you’ll want to get dressed for the occasion. Physical therapy is all about movement. We ask that you wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes, similar to what you might wear to a gym.

We’ll also need you to bring a few items with you:

• Photo ID
• Health insurance card and co-payment (if applicable)
• Insurance referral (If needed per your insurance policy)
• Patient Intake Forms (Can be filled out online here)

Patient Intake Forms are also available to print:

Physical Therapy Patients
Physical Therapy Intake Form
Office Policies
HIPAA Policies
HIPAA waiver
Medical History Form
Worker’s Comp or Auto Intake Form

Wellness Patients
Wellness Intake Form
Office Policies
Wellness Waiver
Medical History Form
Dancer Intake Form (Dancer Only)
Golfer Intake Form (Golfer Only)

When you come in to Therapydia for your initial evaluation, your physical therapist will start out by conducting a full-body movement assessment to test your strength and flexibility as well as to observe functional movements that you complete on a daily basis. Based on your results, they’ll design an individualized plan of care to address any physical dysfunctions, improve your symptoms, and educate you about your condition. The job of a physical therapist is to provide a patient-centered treatment approach, giving you the knowledge and tools necessary to take an active role in your recovery.

Your first appointment will last around 1 hour to give your physical therapist time to adequately assess your condition, review your treatment goals, and construct an individualized plan of care. Based on your condition, you may receive some treatment during the initial evaluation. Subsequent visits will last approximately 45 minutes.

Therapydia focuses on patient satisfaction and the highest possible quality of care. At the end of each PT session, you’ll leave with an updated home exercise program.